Times are Changing

We recognize that many things impact your product offerings – trends, the economy, workflow needs – and want to hear from you about your album fulfillment needs. For many years now, the traditional black leather wedding album has reigned supreme. Leather Craftsmen has been at the forefront of this trend with the highest quality albums. We work closely with them to make sure your prints end up looking perfect in their albums.

But with the flood of new album companies and options, we’re wondering if we should open ourselves up more and work with other companies to deliver your prints to them for binding. Many of these album companies also print their own pages, but I’ve seen the quality difference with my own eyes and fully recommend continuing to use Fotoworks Pro prints on the Fuji Pro paper for your albums.

How disappointed will your bride be that the prints in her album aren’t as high quality as the gorgeous single prints we’ve printed for you to deliver to them? There is a remarkable difference between Fuji Pro grade paper and regular consumer paper – beware of album companies’ prints as they are more than likely printed on the cheaper consumer paper.

So, I’m in the process of searching through the many album options and figuring out which companies we’d like to partner closely with so that your high quality Fotoworks prints end up in your favorite album company’s books. If you have any insight, requests or questions, please contact me! I would love any help you want to give during this process!

Katie Johnson

Photographer Spotlight – Jeffrey Neal Photography

While I truly do have much love for all of our amazing photographers, once in awhile I get to interact with a photographer on a level that feels something more akin to friendship than a typical lab/client relationship. That is what we have with Jeffrey Lawler. Jeffrey has been a fantastic Fotoworks Pro client – loyal, honest and likes to share his love of our quality prints with other photographers.

Besides having insanely unique marketing (check out his blog for his radtastic books he gives to his potential brides), he’s a sincere and charismatic guy. His artfully shot and carefully edited images have a unique style without being so trendy that they will look dated in a few years.

Back in December Jeffrey made the switch to an Into the Darkroom blog and it is so snazzy! I have been a fan of this company since their beginning and am always excited to see one of our photographers make the switch. My favorite part of their blogs – and I’m so glad Jeffrey decided to incorporate this function – is their BlogShow. Instead of having the images load vertically and individually, blogs with BlogShow installed load a slideshow format. Check out his blog for samples. So many images and yet the pages load so fast! I have great love for my photographers who don’t make me wait 10 minutes to view their latest blog update.

Check out his fantastic blog at www.jnpstudiosblog.com

Jeffrey – Let’s get lunch soon! I’m going to try to put together a fun lunch get together for a few OC/LA photographers – hopefully really soon because good food sounds good to me! Thanks for being a Fotoworks Pro customer!

Katie Johnson

Katie’s Tofurious Textures Demo

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions from our photographers about textures. Some customers send me e-mails with sample images from the web saying, “How on earth do I achieve this look?” Other customers call and explain they want the textured look – without the $300 texture set price tag.

I was overjoyed last week when a twitter post led me to www.Tofurious.com. These guys have got it going on! If you were at WPPI, you might have seen their super cool plexi-glass photobooth they’re selling the software for. I stopped in and had fun taking my own set of pictures! On their site, they have some amazing, simple and affordable resources that I think you all will love. I highly recommend their texture set (and trust me, I’ve looked at as many different company’s as I could find!) because of the vast array of textures along with the affordable price.

Plus, their website has an incredibly helpful step-by-step video tutorial on how to use textures to highlight the composition and artistic feel of your images.

For just $50 you get 50 high-res textures.

Above are two quick samples of my own textured work done with the fabulous textures from www.Tofurious.com. You’ll want to do more tweaking with your textures to emphasize the main focus of your images than I did here – I just wanted to give you a quick glimpse at just how much these textures can improve the artistic aesthetic of your images.

Also available from Tofurious.com – flush mount album design templates, a super slick easy to use blog template, and if you’re looking to boost your search engine rankings, some videos on SEO.

Thank you, Tofurious, for sending me these textures to play with so I could honestly say just how much I love them! You guys are doing some incredible things and I can’t wait to blog more about you! Keep it up!

Photographer Spotlight – Araxi Dertavititan

So I can’t say her last name, and I’ve given up trying, but her first name is memorable enough! Araxi is one of our Hot New Photographers for 2009 and we’re proud and excited to have her as a client.

One thing I’ve been getting excited about is all of the “Anytime” shoots I’ve been seeing lately – shoots for people who don’t need headshots for any specific purpose – they just want gorgeous photos that represent who they are at this time in their lives. Araxi’s “Just Because” shoot caught my eye for being beautiful, fabulous and high class. It helps that I’m absolutely in love with this building – it pops up now and again in many of our photographers’ images.

Araxi, I’m glad we went from facebook friends, to fellow tweeters, to having a rocking client/lab relationship. I can’t wait to see more of your fabulous images come through our lab and to meet you at WPPI! Your down to earth personality and clear sharp images make your blog one of my favorites to read – and I read a lot of blogs!

Check out Araxi’s blog at www.araxiphotoblog.com

Only a few days left till WPPI! Make sure you all add me to your Facebook or Twitter so you can find me in Vegas and get your fabulous Fotoworks free gift!

I love our Fotoworks PROs!


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Photographer Spotlight- Heidi Ryder

As a new feature on this blog, we will be spotlighting different photographers and their fabulous work as it catches our eyes. Whether it’s something Gene sees as he sends it to print, Sam notices as it rolls off our large format printer, or I see on one of your blogs that I check obsessively – we’re going to stick it up here with a little love note about why we love the image and why we love the photographer. (If you want extra chances at getting featured, follow me on Twitter so I can see your stuff – @katiemayjohnson).

So, for today, I’d like to start by welcoming Heidi Ryder as one of our newest Fotoworks customers! Heidi brings lots of amusement to my day as I follow her on Twitter and today was particularly special when I clicked a Twitter link and hopped on over to her blog. Heidi did a super rad shoot outside of LACMA early in the week and I just have to share with you my favorite of her images. I can’t wait to get myself down there to see this fabulous art installation for myself. You can also watch a video of Heidi in action and see how she got some of her great shots. Be sure to check out her blog and leave her some love!

Heidi, welcome to the FotoworksPro Family!

Check out Heidi’s darling blog and creative images at  HeidiRyder.net

Have an awesome weekend ya’ll! Only 8 more days till WPPI begins! WOO HOO!!!!!!

I love our Fotoworks PROs!


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