I’m Outta My Mind For Out Of Frame

When I experience something great, I just have to share it with ya’ll… And Out of Frame Production Rentals and Studio in Los Angeles is just so over the top incredible that I’m not sure I can even say enough.


I was introduced to Out of Frame via Jasmine Star’s Blog. She did an amazing shoot of her twin sister Bianca there and I fell in love with the natural light in the location and the darling modern furniture they have. While I was confident that I could not achieve the kind of awe-inspiring images Jasmine creates so effortlessly, I was hopeful that stealing her location would help. 😀

So I shot an e-mail over to Chris at Out of Frame and was pleasantly surprised to receive a return call from him right away. We scheduled a time and I lived on pins and needles the following days in anticipation of my first “In-Studio” shoot. The plan was to shoot some promo photos for Fotoworks using my cousin Kelsey as a model and in trade for her time, I would shoot some “senior” pictures of her to use when she graduates from Texas A&M this December. My friend (and amazing DJ) Derek would join us so I could take some promo shots of him to use on his website that he is redoing using BluDomain.


When we pulled into their parking lot Saturday morning, I opened up my camera bag and realized I had made a BIG mistake: I had cleared off my CF cards that morning, but LEFT THEM ON MY COUNTER. Just when the panic was about to set in, my eyes fell upon the hero for the day: Calumet. Out of Frame and Calumet share a parking lot. I was in heaven. I ran in, bought a new Sandisk CF card and was out of there in less than 3 minutes. Many thanks to the great staff at Calumet Los Angeles for their enthusiastic attitudes and helpful spirits. If you’re interested in renting extra equipment for your shoot, Out of Frame can place an order for you at Calumet and have your equipment waiting for you in the stage when you arrive.

When we walked into Out of Frame, the fabulous staff showed us all around their amazing studio, offered us refreshments, asked us if there was any way in which they could help and then left us to our own devices. Once alone in the big white room, myself and my two subjects for the day stared in awe of the amazing space before us and couldn’t wait to get started.


Being girls, Kelsey and I ran straight back into their killer dressing room. With hollywood style vanities, an iMac for use (and wifi for laptops) and the most incredible orange couch ever, the dressing room was, in itself, one of the highlights of the day. Feeling a bit like a supermodel putting on make-up in that lighted mirror really helped Kelsey get in the game for shooting. And checking out some hot pics of Matthew McConnaughey in one of the magazines in there during a break between shooting helped her smile and relax.


If you’ve never shot in studio before, I highly recommend choosing Out of Frame for their excellent natural light available. Their blog speaks of a “magic hour” that happens in late afternoon and I can’t wait to book another time slot there to check that out. We felt like we hit a “magic hour” when it came to lighting around 11:30. But all morning I was thrilled with the light available.

We started with the promo photos for some Fotoworks stuff in the works:


Once we finished with that, I alternated between shooting Kelsey and Derek as both had brought several outfits and it gave each a chance to rest their smiles. They were great “cheerleaders” for each other as they prompted one another to smile bigger, laugh, relax and just enjoy the time in front of the lens.

Derek wanted a very clean look to his images so his new website (coming soon!) would be able to stand out from the pack. We found a beautiful little patch of light by one of the windows and he set up his gear.


I wanted to give Kelsey a huge selection of poses and expressions to choose from and I think we accomplished that for her. She is so beautiful and was a fantastically good sport throughout the shoot. Check out how much air she gets on her jump shot!


If you’ve never shot in studio, do it! It will break you out of your comfort zone, give you new images to put in your portfolio and maybe even completely refresh the way you look at your photography.

Again, a HUGE thanks goes to the owners and staff at Out of Frame for letting me have my first In Studio experience as well as for helping us achieve amazing promo images for our site. I cannot wait to get another chance to shoot in your fabulous location and work with you again.

Cheers, Katie Johnson

June 2009 ROES Alert – Startup Issues

Mac OS 10.5.7 Leopard Startup failure after OS X 10.5.7 Java update
On June 16, 2009 Apple deployed an update to OS X 10.5.7 for Java via Software Updates. This update has performed some restructuring of the folder path to Java Web Start, and fails to retain the file in its’ expected path of Applications – Utilities. Attempting to launch a ROES shortcut results in the icon bouncing on the dock and nothing else occurring.

To resolve these startup errors, using Finder go into the local hard drive and System – Library – CoreServices. Locate Java Web Start.app and copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into the Utilities folder under Applications. Using a web browser, go to the lab’s web site and launch ROES. During the startup process, 2 warning windows will display – one to trust the application and another to allow it unrestricted access to the system. Click OK to both of these and ROES should open as normal. In rare cases, you may need to right-click on the launch.jnlp and choose Open With, then Browse to Java Web Start.app in Applications – Utilities. You can associate it with the Java Web Start.app in CoreServices, but at this time it is impossible to tell if the next Apple update for Java will keep it there.

Shortcut Issues:
Core 2 Duo Systems: To get a new shortcut, open Java Preferences.app from the same Utilities folder and click the Network tab, then click View cache at the lower right to bring up the Java Cache Viewer. Use the menu or icon to create a desktop application or shortcut as desired.

Core Duo and Non-Intel Mac: Shortcuts seem to be able to be created but WILL NOT EXECUTE. You must run from the lab’s ROES link on their web site or from their ROES listed in the Java Cache Viewer, accessed from Finder in Applications – Utilities and open Java Preferences.app. In the Network tab, click View to open the Java applications list.

We will continue to investigate the shortcut issues in non-Core 2 Duo systems. At this time Apple Development has confirmed this is a major bug (http://lists.apple.com/archives/java-dev/2009/Jun/msg00186.html ) and seems to have no easy workaround.

Windows: Java 6 Update 11 and higher – We have seen a number of ongoing issues with client launches due to Java updates to 1.6 update 11 through 13. While many customers and our team here are not seeing any problems, it may be best for those who experience this issue to roll back to Java 1.6 update 7 (http://java.sun.com/products/archive/j2se/6u7/index.html). The startup issues we have seen are primarily shortcut related on Vista. Before removing update 11 and reloading update 7, it is recommended to clear the Temporary Internet Files from Java Control Panel, as follows: 1) Open Windows Control Panel; 2) Click Settings… in Temporary Internet Files at the bottom of the General tab; 3) Click Delete Files…; 4) Click OK at the prompt to remove all applets and applications, etc.; 5) Click OK to exit out of Java Control Panel; 6) Start ROES from the lab web site link.

Windows: JNLP File Not Recognized On Vista – In several instances, the launch.jnlp that is being downloaded by Internet Explorer or Firefox does not seem to have a program associated with it. In Windows Control Panel, Default Programs, .jnlp is not shown in the list presented when Associate a program with a file type is chosen in the choices for Default Programs. To fix, download the launch.jnlp to the desktop, right-click on it and choose Properties. In the dialog, click Change and then Browse to Java and JRE6, then bin, choose javaws.exe and click Open. The Open With dialog should then show Java (TM) Web Start Launcher, click OK and then OK to close the Properties dialog. Double-click on the launch.jnlp and the program will start, from then on the desktop icon should work.

Mac Users Alert: Beware Mac Cleanse
Mac users who experience startup issues with an error whose Details lists “unable to load resource: localhost/users/’user’/Library/Caches/Java/cache/javaws/http/…../AMlaunch.jnlp” may have a program called Mac Cleanse being run manually that is deleting the Java cached files for use in future launches. This is a small utility to clean up browsing histories, etc. that deletes the needed folder path for re-launching the program. We have run into this a few times and fixed the users remotely by rebuilding the path listed in the error manually (in Finder) and ensuring the needed file is found (using the downloaded launch.jnlp and renaming it AMlaunch.jnlp, placing it in the path listed, and double-clicking on it to start ROES). This issue also occurred with updates to OS X 10.5.4 but should not be seen from Apple updates now that 10.5.7 is released.

For past update messages and reminders, please visit http://www.softworkssystems2.com/NewSite/news_press/index.php.


I got a great phone call from Jeffrey Neal this morning – one of our awesome Orange County photographers. He’s giving away free wedding coverage for one deserving couple. He wants the most deserving couple to receive this huge gift – and he would LOVE to have your help! Read the details below and if you know of a couple who you think deserves this honor, please send their information his way!

On another note, even if you aren’t going to nominate a couple, I HIGHLY suggest checking out his blog – his images are fun, fresh and emotion-filled. Definitely one of my favorites on my blog-roll. 😀

If you’d like to check out Jeffrey’s work or get the details for the giveaway straight from the horses mouth – check THIS AMAZING BLOG!

Here are the details:

The first annual JNP Studios wedding giveaway is here!

I am offering free wedding photography to one lucky couple for 2010! There are no stipulations on this contest other than it will go to the most deserving couple. Please send in your nomination to jeff@jnpstudios.com.

Once I have received all the nominations I will select the top 4 and will let you all decide who should be the winner. You will have from July 10th until August 10th to get all of your friends and family to vote for the most deserving couple.

What does this include?

JNP Studios will shoot your wedding and provide an 8×10 album with 40 images in it. The coverage will be for the whole day and will include an assistant. The wedding can be any where in the world but travel expenses will have to be covered by the winning couple.

What should I do?

send in the following info about a deserving couple or yourself;

wedding date
what they do for work
why they deserve it
a little about the couples story
their favorite artist
a picture of the couple

to jeff@jnpstudios.com

This post will be at the top of the blog for the next month so check below for other posts!

Last, I must have the date available!

What’s It Gonna Take?


I hear stories all the time of photographers laying in gutters, climbing trees, hanging off roofs, throwing their cameras in the air – whatever it takes to get the shot. So today, my blog post is short and sweet – a quick reminder that you need to be IN the action in order to get the best shots of the moment happening around you.

I was re-inspired to make sure I’m a part of the action while shooting while I read a Reuters Blog Post this morning about a Custard Pie throwing contest…  Check out the article and use the visual images as a strong reminder that even if you get pie in your face, at least you got the shot.

Happy Hump Day everybody – cheers for the week being half-way through!