So they get a lot of love from us… They deserve it!


If you’re not following every possible stream of information that Tofurious puts out, you’re missing out! It’s Sunday, I’m enjoying a glass of wine as my weekend runs down, and spending some time looking over their site when I thought I should remind all of you to check it out!

Bookmark The Tofurious Site (and this Fotoworks one if you haven’t already!), follow his Twitter @tofurious and I highly suggest getting on their Mailing List because every time one of their e-mails hits my inbox I do a little dance.

And we all know how important it is to do a little dance, make a little love, basically, just get down tonight.

See ya tomorrow!


Saturdays @ Fotoworks?


Just a short but sweet wonderment on my part: Do ya’ll want us to be open on Saturdays? This question is mainly directed at local customers who would want Saturday print and pick up available to them….

While we wouldn’t be able to ship anything out on Saturdays (because there’s no UPS pick up) we would be available to do quick print orders and be there for pick-up.

Just something I’m throwing out into the bloggerverse to find out if there’s any interest. Five or six times a week I get phone calls from customers wondering if we’re open on Saturdays and I’m starting to wonder if that’s because there’s a desire/need for us to be. If there is, we want to meet it….

If you have any feedback on this, e-mail, call, twitter, facebook or text me. Seriously, I’m easy to get ahold of. 😀
Hope you are enjoying your weekend,


3 Photogs, 3 Cameras and a LOT of fun!


Last night my boyfriend Jon & I went out with new Fotoworks client Craig Tucker. Just to hang out, chat, maybe learn a little bit from how each other shoots, etc…

Craig is a local Orange County photographer who we are excited to have as a client. His enthusiasm and passion for what he does is contagious and I find myself more and more excited about my own photography each time I interact with him.

Below are just a few images from our time together… Some shot by Craig, some by Jon and some by me… but all were edited using the fabulous TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS by Doug Boutwell. Don’t have the Dirty Pictures set yet, but if I get them, I’ll be sure to post here about my reactions and thoughts. I’m sure they’re just as fabulous as all the other sets produced by TRA.


Craig, thanks for being a fun first-half of our date night… We didn’t even realize how late it was when we left! WOW! Time sure flew by having fun with you! I am excited to see how your talent and business grow this year. Thanks for choosing Fotoworks and for all the time you’ve allowed me to talk your ear off. 😀

All the best,


Like if you have a mouth full of peppers…


When the topic of color calibration comes up I normally make a quick dive under my desk and hide there until I know it’s gone far far away. Color calibration can be confusing, overwhelming and most of all frustrating.

Normally I hold such great disdain for the topic that even when I hear other people talk about it I plug my ears and go “nah nah nah nah nah” until it’s over. But today, a short and sweet conversation I picked up on between Sam and one of our new clients made me smile and look at calibration in a whole new light.

The gist of the conversation basically explained that our sight for color works much like our other senses in the fact that it is quite a bit relative and it also needs a standard of reference to be talked about accurately.

If you have a mouth full of hot peppers, you’re not going to be able to smell or taste a birthday cake the way it was created to be tasted. In the same way, the colors you have in your workspace will affect your perception of the colors on your computer screen. Color calibration equipment is really important to combat against this. Your lights, the color of your walls, even the clothes you wear all affect the way you perceive the colors on your screen to be.

Think of musicians and vocalists who spend years learning perfect pitch – how to create the notes exactly as they are meant to be made. An orchestra of people all playing a piece of music together in tune can be one of the most majestic experiences. An orchestra of people all playing their own version of C#m is cacophonous. In this same respect, the way you calibrate your prints needs to match up with the way your lab utilizes the images in printing. When everyone is in calibration, the images that come off the printer are a symphony for the eyes.

Now, there’s much you can do on your end to make sure your prints are edited correctly using well calibrated equipment. But all of that hard work and effort goes completely down the drain the second you send your prints to Walmart, Shutterfly, Costco or any other major consumer photo retailer. Without a professional lab’s careful calibration of their printing equipment, your calibration work is useless.


^Sam helping a new client understand monitor calibration equipment and how to utilize it with her laptop.

Here at Fotoworks, we calibrate several times a day – each time we switch paper sizes, each time we reload paper, each time the temperature in the lab changes a few degrees…. it’s this calibration that allows us to commit to you that if you print the same image with us today that you printed a year ago, the print will come out the same. Consistency on our end makes all of your hard work pay off.

All the best,


2 Very Talented Women


Today I wanted to talk to you about two of the fabulous women I’m diggin on right now and why I think you should consider buying what they’re selling:


1) Alicia Caine’s Easy As Pie – Common Sense Pricing Strategies for the Modern Portrait Photographer. Not only is her site darling, her content is amazing. We get so many questions from photographers regarding how to set their prices – if you have any doubt about yours, check her site out: Easy As Pie.

SPECIAL DEAL:  Alicia is offering Fotoworks Pro customers a special deal on her cookbook or cookbook+pantry products. Use these promo codes to receive significant savings!

$30 Off Cookbook — BLOG30OFF

$60 off cookbook+pantry access– BLOG60OFF

2) Annie Beth – a very talented singer-songwriter. The first time I heard Annie Beth perform live I just about died. The sheer beauty in her voice coupled with the overwhelming power of her emotional performance completely overwhelmed me. And I was only twelve. Now, ten years later, I still am moved by this talented artists lyrics, voice and blogging. Check out her site HERE. If you like what you see, consider pre-ordering her CD. We all could do a little more to support young talent like Annie – in the end, it just brings us one step closer to knocking Lady Gaga off the charts. (Oh dear Lord, please make her “Disco Stick” song go away! Thank you.)

Twilight, Jimi Hendrix, Grey’s Anatomy & Will Austin…


Today I have decided that some of the most creative things that inspire me or move me (or just simply entertain me) have Seattle, WA involved. Which for a split second made me think about moving to Seattle. Then I remembered it rains there. A lot. And I live in sunny southern California where within an hour I can go to the beach, the mountains, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Disneyland, Beverly Hills… ok, I’ll stop bragging now.

Today’s post isn’t really about me anyways. It’s about one of our clients: Will Austin.

I was so excited when Will called last week and shared his big news:  six of his photos were chosen for use as desktop wallpaper backgrounds for Windows 7!

Will says, “Working with the Microsoft team was a great experience, and I am so honored to be able to contribute my photos to their project.”

You can find more information on Will, his work and even how you can purchase a limited edition print on his website: For now, we’ll post below the 6 images that Microsoft chose for you to check out. Again, congratulations Will and thanks for sharing your exciting news with Fotoworks Pro!


I hope you all are enjoying the remnants of summer and gearing up for a fabulous fall. Don’t forget to enter our fishy face contest! Details are posted in Saturday’s entry below!

All the best,


We wish you a merry August… HUH?


Yes, August isn’t even over yet and already the holiday card hounds are out. SAHM’s are wanting to get their envelopes addressed and out of the way early (that’s Stay At Home Mom’s for you not keen on the mommy blog lingo) and photographers are booking family shoots for the usual holiday card photo like crazy.

Fotoworks Pro offers our own greeting card design and print services for those photographers who could use a little less work during the holiday season. All of our designs are posted on our website so that your client can view the possibilities without seeing any of our pricing. 😀 We thought you’d like that.


So, send your clients over to our site, have them pick out their template – then, send me an e-mail with the template name, the image(s), and the wording they want on their card. We design and send you back a proof you can then forward to your client. Once it’s a “go” we print, box and ship them to you or straight to your client.

PRICING: includes design, proof, 5×7 single-sided photographic cards, white envelopes & gorgeous greeting card box packaging (clear lids).

20-49  $1.43 each

50+  $1.29 each

75+  $1.21 each

100+ $1.14 each

150+ $1.07 each

200+ $0.95 each

Can’t wait to see what beautiful images you send our way this year to design cards with. Last year I was blown away by the tremendous talent I saw coming through on the holiday card orders. Some of ya’ll really know how to make a family portrait pop!

Just for fun, here’s a glimpse at the portrait (taken by my lovely tripod) I used for my Christmas Cards last year. Isn’t my boyfriend Jon a great sport for putting up with me?


Looking forward to the next 4 months of holiday cheer with you!


Another Night of Me & My Pillow, Talk Talk Talk…


It’s the weekend, but I wanted to throw a few small bits of information out there.

1) The hours between 6 a.m. and noon on a Saturday are the deepest sleep I get all week.

2) If you book a hotel room for a boudoir shoot and ask for a “handicap accessible room” it’s MUCH bigger, the same price and will give you a lot more room to shoot in. But make sure you’re not booking their last handicap accessible room. Unless you’re handicapped. Then it’s cool.

3) At Target they sell these weird little snap/elastic contraptions that you fit to the corners of your fitted sheet and keep it from coming off. I just about cried when I found them and bought them and applied them to my bed. Sheer happiness for this girl who kick boxes so much in her sleep that her sheets were NEVER still on in the morning when she woke up.

And now, just one more quick image of the fabulous hotel room at the NEW Sheraton in Anaheim, CA (the one farther from Disneyland, not closer). I booked a room for some shoots the other night and man if that bed wasn’t one I wanted to drag home with me.


Don’t you just want to crawl right in? Oh gosh, I do!!!

Back at work tomorrow, see you all then!


P.S. Website of the Day is The Sleep Journal

Fishy Face Contest


Simply because I am the most hard core connoisseur of fishy faces ever –  it’s time for another fun photo contest for our photographers. We always have so much fun seeing all the entries that come in for these things.

E-mail me your best FISHY FACE photo – it can be of you, your kids, your clients, whatever you want as long as you own the rights to it! We’ll sit down and judge based on our line of extremely objective guidelines (not) and pick a winner. The winner of the FISHY FACE contest will win a $20 credit they can use on a Fotoworks Pro ROES order as well as a $20 credit they can give to any fellow photographer they want! Win a little something for yourself and for a friend.

E-mail your image to before Friday August 28 at 3:00 p.m. to be entered.

Kisses & Fishes,


Lenovo Think Pad


Woah, ok. Day 2. 39 more to go. Blogging is hard! Good job, big kudos and cheers to all you who keep your blogs up to date. It is kinda harder than it sounds. But today I got uber excited about a new product and wanted to share it with you. Yes, the cookies in the photo look yummy, but that’s not what I’ll be telling you about. Those are just a nod to the fabulous Bakerella – since her site is our Website of the Day. Warning: Do not check out her blog on an empty stomach. GROWL!


It doesn’t look like much – definitely not as fabulously stylish as something you’d pick up at an Apple store – but this little baby is geared towards YOU! And just might be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time! Built with professional photographers in mind, this laptop features a widescreen, fast processing, huge memory, integrated screen calibrator and mini Wacom tablet plus both SD and CompactFlash card slots – features that will make your workload easier. I’m a Mac addict and even I’m thinking about checking it out! You can find out more details about this Lenovo Thinkpad W700 Here!

I was floored by the idea of an in-computer color calibration system… but then I jumped for joy when I read about the compact flash readers built-in. What do you think?

All the best,