Need a Better Business?

Struggling to make your photography business profitable? Looking to increase your current business? Trying to make that leap to becoming a full time photographer?

If your looking for that silver bullet to miraculously turn your business into a multi-million dollar success story, give up already! There’s no such thing. But, there are some real steps you can take to make more money and even change your lifestyle. How about a no nonsense workshop that gives you the nuts and bolts to make real progress?

The Barnet Workshops will give you just that. If you know Joe and Mirta like I do, you know them as honest hard working people who give it to you straight without the BS. I’ve always known them as experienced professionals with a solid business acumen. You just don’t stay successful without solid fundamentals and a real business that provides a real value to your clients.

So if you’re sick of the over-hyped claims and outrageous prices of some of these fluffed up seminars, take a look at the Barnet Workshops. I seriously doubt you’ll find a better value. For the price of a small trendy tech lifestyle gift, you can take a home something that could change your lifestyle! So you choose, iPod or iSuccess.

Sam the Foto Man

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