So they get a lot of love from us… They deserve it!


If you’re not following every possible stream of information that Tofurious puts out, you’re missing out! It’s Sunday, I’m enjoying a glass of wine as my weekend runs down, and spending some time looking over their site when I thought I should remind all of you to check it out!

Bookmark The Tofurious Site (and this Fotoworks one if you haven’t already!), follow his Twitter @tofurious and I highly suggest getting on their Mailing List because every time one of their e-mails hits my inbox I do a little dance.

And we all know how important it is to do a little dance, make a little love, basically, just get down tonight.

See ya tomorrow!


We wish you a merry August… HUH?


Yes, August isn’t even over yet and already the holiday card hounds are out. SAHM’s are wanting to get their envelopes addressed and out of the way early (that’s Stay At Home Mom’s for you not keen on the mommy blog lingo) and photographers are booking family shoots for the usual holiday card photo like crazy.

Fotoworks Pro offers our own greeting card design and print services for those photographers who could use a little less work during the holiday season. All of our designs are posted on our website so that your client can view the possibilities without seeing any of our pricing. 😀 We thought you’d like that.


So, send your clients over to our site, have them pick out their template – then, send me an e-mail with the template name, the image(s), and the wording they want on their card. We design and send you back a proof you can then forward to your client. Once it’s a “go” we print, box and ship them to you or straight to your client.

PRICING: includes design, proof, 5×7 single-sided photographic cards, white envelopes & gorgeous greeting card box packaging (clear lids).

20-49  $1.43 each

50+  $1.29 each

75+  $1.21 each

100+ $1.14 each

150+ $1.07 each

200+ $0.95 each

Can’t wait to see what beautiful images you send our way this year to design cards with. Last year I was blown away by the tremendous talent I saw coming through on the holiday card orders. Some of ya’ll really know how to make a family portrait pop!

Just for fun, here’s a glimpse at the portrait (taken by my lovely tripod) I used for my Christmas Cards last year. Isn’t my boyfriend Jon a great sport for putting up with me?


Looking forward to the next 4 months of holiday cheer with you!


New! Organic (asmic?) Chocolate Packaging!


Hello Pro,

After several months of testing out different boxes, ribbons, vendors, etc – we are extremely excited to have settled on our favorite combination for our new drop shipping boxes. These dark brown boxes are made out of 95% recycled content and have a rich pebbled texture. When these gorgeous boxes combine with the creamy organic cotton ribbon the effect is highly luxurious and sweet. After perfecting the art of hand-tying our big fluffy bows, we can’t stop oohing and ahhing over their deliciousness! And the response from our photographers and their clients who have received their orders in the new packaging has been fabulous! It’s a fantastic way to become more “green” without losing the style and professionalism you desire.



Our beautiful Organic Chocolate Box Packaging is the perfect presentation for your client to receive their prints in. Save yourself the time and energy of receiving your prints, repackaging them and shipping them to your clients – allow Fotoworks Pro to drop ship your orders directly to your clients in our new packaging. Orders drop shipped are sent via UPS ground for $6.95 or UPS 2-day for $12.95.



Fotoworks Pro no longer charges you per box needed to pack your order. Instead we will package your entire order in our chocolate box packaging for a flat rate of $5.95. Don’t forget that on your proof orders over 500 prints, you receive FREE Organic Chocolate Box Packaging!


We hope you’ll give our new packaging a try! If you have any questions about the changes we have made or about using Fotoworks Pro drop shipping services, please contact me! I would love to help you out in any way you need.

All the best,
Katie Johnson

What’s It Gonna Take?


I hear stories all the time of photographers laying in gutters, climbing trees, hanging off roofs, throwing their cameras in the air – whatever it takes to get the shot. So today, my blog post is short and sweet – a quick reminder that you need to be IN the action in order to get the best shots of the moment happening around you.

I was re-inspired to make sure I’m a part of the action while shooting while I read a Reuters Blog Post this morning about a Custard Pie throwing contest…  Check out the article and use the visual images as a strong reminder that even if you get pie in your face, at least you got the shot.

Happy Hump Day everybody – cheers for the week being half-way through!



As wedding seasons starts to hit hard, here’s an interesting note on flying with your equipment that I thought would be beneficial to ya’ll. Don’t forget to send us a postcard from your fabulous destination weddings!

You can carry on one bag of photographic equipment in addition to your one carry on and one personal item.

This is straight from the TSA website (

Photographic Equipment & Film

Transporting Film and Photographic Equipment

Photographic Equipment

You may carry one (1) bag of photographic equipment in addition to one (1) carry-on and one (1) personal item through the screening checkpoint.  The additional bag must conform to your air carrier’s carry-on restrictions for size and weight.  Please confirm your air carrier’s restrictions prior to arriving at the airport.

Air carriers may or may not allow the additional carry-on item on their aircraft. Please check with your air carrier prior to arriving at the airport.

Our screening equipment will not affect digital cameras and electronic image storage cards.


The equipment used to screen checked baggage will damage undeveloped film.  Pack your undeveloped film in your carry-on bag.  High speed and specialty film should be hand inspected at the security checkpoint.  To facilitate hand-inspection, remove your undeveloped film from the canister and pack in a clear plastic bag.

P.S. I highly recommend camera travel gear bags from …. made of high quality materials and built to last. Plus, you won’t believe the functionality and ease of packing and unpacking your equipment from these things!

A Message From The Coach:


“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up again” – Vince Lombardi

Being 22 and on my own for the first time – this is the first chance I’ve had to really feel any sort of impact on my life due to the economy. It’s the first time I’ve had friends lose their jobs, I’ve felt the pinch when I go grocery shopping and talked with clients who are seeing their sales drop. This is just a friendly reminder that life is a rollercoaster – these ups and downs are fairly unavoidable – but they’re what keep life interesting.

The greatest failure in life is to quit trying. I couldn’t be more proud of our Fotoworks PROs who are recognizing that if they’re going to weather this storm, they can’t just sit on their laurels. I’m seeing complete overhauls in business models, a renewed interest in extreme customer service, an attempt to use new technology they haven’t before (three cheers for our older generation of photographers who are now starting to blog!), and creative outside of the box thinking.

What I hate to see is people using the economy as an excuse for them not moving forward. We all must march on no matter what life throws at us. I want to remind you that the greatest failure in life is to stop trying. It is better to fail attempting a great deed than to attempt nothing and succeed.

That is simply what tough times and challenges do to us! They make us better, wiser and more resolute to succeed.

Life is all about being knocked down but not out.

Brave New World

Dane Sanders posed an interesting question on Facebook the other day: Do you own Facebook or does it own you? I no longer worry about computers being smart enough that they’ll turn against us – I worry about us allowing ourselves to be controlled by our habits on them.

It got me thinking about my daily technology habits – what they stop me from doing, what they help me do, how much time I spend on them, how much time do they save me, etc. (I will admit: stepping out of a movie the other day to “go to the bathroom” was actually a trip into the hallway to check my Twitter. FTL!).

I think I still have the upper hand over my technology, but I don’t have even a fraction of the followers and answer seekers that some of you big names have! My inbox never overwhelms me and most days of the week responding to all the Twitter replies and Facebook messages only takes me the better part of my morning.

But with e-mail, texting, twittering, facebooking, blogging, etc. – is your business growing? If not, maybe it’s time to stop and reevaluate your efforts and see what is working for you, and what time would be better spent elsewhere.

You can look forward to a series of posts over the next few weeks focused on using your blog to build your brand. I am a firm believer that if you don’t have a blog and aren’t getting one soon, you’re going to soon find out why everyone has been harping on you to get one. The days of traditional word of mouth are over. And we’re here to help you make sure you’re transitioning into the world of cyber-marketing smoothly and effectively.

Hope everyone is enjoying this awesome Tuesday!


Brayden’s Battle

It’s not often that I plan on using this blog for non-photographic related information sharing, but I wanted to share with you a quick story about my sweet little friend Brayden – quite possibly the cutest kid I have ever seen!

Brayden is 2 years old and was diagnosed last week with Leukemia. He’s a fighter though and is taking his chemo like a champ. Hard on him to be stuck in bed with doctors coming at him all day with needles, but harder for mom & dad to watch. They’re looking at a long road of possibly 3 years of treatment ahead – and going into that tunnel with the most amazing grace, composure and optimism.

We all lose perspective sometimes – whine about the economy, get down on personal issues, etc. – and it’s people like Drew & Jen (Brayden’s parents) who show me that there are more important things in life.

If you’re interested in following Brayden’s story – praying for him and his family, posting sweet notes of encouragement to him, etc…. please do! This is not a story of sadness and grief – it’s one of great joy as these two incredible young parents fight this battle alongside their darling son (wait till you see his faux hawk!).

Notes of encouragement posted on either of the sites below are very much appreciated by Drew & Jen – as are your thoughts and prayers!

For me, all I have to say, is GO BRAYDEN! Fight hard little man and keep smiling!

You can see their website & read their journal HERE

You can join their Cause on Facebook HERE

Just Another Manic Monday

office space motivation

Mondays. The beginning of the week. The furthest day from the weekend. I love my job and even I have a case of “the Mondays” today.

Battling against everything in me that wants to stay in weekend mode and veg out in front of my TV watching episode after episode of Big Love, I will force myself to have a productive Monday.

Because I believe that what you do on Monday, the way you start your week, sets the tone for how the rest of your week will go.

If you don’t have the driven, excited attitude you should for this week – fake it till you make it. Your photography business depends on your ability to passionately attack each day with hope and excitement. Book that wedding! Sell that wall portrait! Create a new marketing campaign! Spend this Monday doing something that will motivate you and help you keep that momentum throughout the week.

If you’re battling the Mondays like I am – I highly suggest watching (or re-watching as the case may be) Mike Judge’s hysterical workplace comedy Office Space – and be thankful that as a PRO photographer, you don’t have TPS reports to fill out or a cubicle to sit in.

“Well, I generally come in at least fifteen minutes late, ah, I use the side door – that way Lumbergh can’t see me, heh heh – and, uh, after that I just sorta space out for about an hour. I just stare at my desk; but it looks like I’m working. I do that for probably another hour after lunch, too. I’d say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work.” – Ron Livingston as Peter Gibbons, Office Space

Cheers to Monday!
Katie Johnson