How to Submit Proof and Package Unit Orders

Proofs, package units and album prints can be ordered efficiently by using Dropbox. No more ftp uploads or clunky software. Just copy your images into a Dropbox folder on your computer and share the folder with us.

Organize Your Order

  1. Create a folder inside your DropBox folder with a your name and project name. For example, if your name is “Ansel Adams” and your project name is “Yosemite 2016”, then you would name your folder “Ansel_Adams_Yosemite_2016”
  2. Create sub-folders named by print size and place files in them accordingly.
    • Place your cropped files into folders based on printsizes–i.e. 8×10, 5×7, Package A, Package B, etc. We will make one print from every file in those folders. If you need more than one print of a file, simply duplicate the image into a folder more than one time.
    • For multiple quantities you can add the quantity in the folder name witha hyphen and “quantity” and “X.” For example if you five copies of 4×6’s, you would name the folder 4×6-5X. Every image file in that folder would be printed 5 times.


Send Your Order

Right click the folder and select “Share” which will take you to your Dropbox in your web browser. Once your there, type in our email address,

*Be sure to have an account with us first before submitting order. If you don’t please give us a call at, 714.258.7080 or email us at